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03-09 4th gen Toyota 4Runner armrest molle panel

03-09 4th gen Toyota 4Runner armrest molle panel

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Custom designed and 3D printed Molle panels for 2003-2009 4th gen Toyota 4Runner center console Armrest! Increase the storage capacity and functionality of the center console for any adventure, offroad or overland outing! 

Our 3D prints are all made from a strong durable plastic that wont degrade in the heat sun or if it gets wet. 

Easily install, Includes nuts and bolts that wont poke through the armrest! Simply unbolt the armrest, take out the 2 small screws in the top corners, pop off the top cover, place the molle panel underneath (you can press ans turn the bolts through to mark your holes) drill your holes and then re assemble! Thats it! 

Works both with or without the tissue box holder! 

Hardware included!

Free shipping! 

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