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1st Gen Toyota Tundra Sequoia Dash mount bracket Molle panel

1st Gen Toyota Tundra Sequoia Dash mount bracket Molle panel

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Made from 11 ga 1/8" Powder coated satin black steel. (Will not rust!) This bracket gives you the ability to use RAM mounts or any other similar setup to hold phones, tablets, radio microphones. Our personal favorite is RAM diamond mount size (B) for use with an iPad and phone holder. You can also get creative mounting ham radios, GMRS, or anything else you can think to bolt onto it!  

The strongest dash mount on the market using custom 3D printed spacers that fit the curvature of the dash to maximize strength. Other brands use rubber bushings as an easy way around the dash curve but this brings in a host of other major issues like bouncing and vibrations for your equipment which is just annoying. Nothing worse than a bouncing tablet or phone while trying to multitask. 

Removal of the front dash faceplate and radio is necessary as the bracket gets bolted through the dash. Drilling is required.

Be mindful when installing to leave room for the spacers in the rear where the dash dips down as well as the metal bracket that is under the dash you must be of equal distance above it. you can do this by gauging where the holes should land with your fingers.

Shipped powder coated satin black for free!

Includes 1 metal dash mount bracket, 2 Black Custom fit 3D Printed spacers. Black bolts with washers and locknuts. this will spread out the load under the dash preventing bolts from pulling out as well as prevent the nuts from loosening overtime!  

Estimated Lead time due to order volume is 2 weeks.

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